About Us

While the rapidly evolving healthcare investment landscape in Malaysia and South East Asia offers abundant opportunities for investment in healthcare groups, hospitals and specialist medical centers, nevertheless sustained growth for the mid to long term future will require the synergistic combination of established healthcare players, brands and astute private investor groups, to explore new boundaries in healthcare operations, to include clinical research, bio and medical technology innovations.

Star Fertility qualified doctors and clinicians complemented by experienced operators have a strong background of healthcare market, management, financial and operational expertise, which is critically important for advising private investor groups on domain knowledge and strategically partnering to open doors, create market opportunities and connect dots between them and current healthcare stakeholders, medical professionals and other research and innovation companies.

Star Fertility have chosen to focus on the field of reproductive and fertility medicine, strongly believing that in the next decade, the growth of this faculty will continue to be robust as fertility rate continues to decline due to a variety of reasons. Moreover, the exciting research and innovations, both in the treatment of infertility and also technological advances including the use of AI predictive indicators will further enhance patient experience, management and create even greater growth opportunities.