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Artificial Intelligence Technology

May 21, 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is another option for couples to analyze and understand the genetic health and state of the embryo.

While the gold standard is still PGT-A, artificial intelligence technology is still a feasible and affordable option to check the embryos for any abnormalities.

The embryologist will send pictures of the embryos to the AI company who will analyze the pictures in detail to read the DNA of the embryos.

The results are made known to the embryologist which gives them an overall view of which embryo is the best.

For example, if 10 embryo sample images are sent over, AI technology is able to determine which embryo is the best for implantation.

Using deep learning and computer vision, AI technology is able to identify morphological features that make up a healthy embryo which are often not seen by the naked human eye.

This is why fertility clinics around the world use Artificial Intelligence technology to help skilled embryologists identify the most viable embryos to focus on for their patients.

With greater IVF certainty, more people can attempt IVF to build their family.

Clinical studies with leading fertility clinics shows a marked improvement beyond traditional manual methods alone.

Artificial Intelligence technology is another option for embryo genetic screening with lower cost.

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