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ERA Test

February 20, 2021

ERA (Endometrial Receptivity Analysis) is a genetic test for the womb in which a biopsy sample from the womb lining will be taken and sent to a genetic lab for further analysis.

There is a general understanding that implantation will happen in the womb during the window of implantation time frame.

In reality, about 20% of woman have a shifted window of implantation. That's one of the reasons they can't get pregnant.

For example, if you fall sick and go see the doctor, you'll be prescribed a general course of medication to get well.

But what happens when you keep falling sick and can't get well?

That's when the doctor will order more specific tests to determine the course of your sickness.

Hence an ERA test is a genetic test on the womb where a biopsy of the endometrium is taken to find out WHEN is the BEST TIME for implantation.

The test is highly recommended for those who have tried IVF many times but were unable to get pregnant despite high quality embryos.

They may have gone through IVF treatment before whereby both sperm and egg were healthy and the best for fertilization.

Some may have even done a PGT-A where results show that there was nothing wrong with the embryo.

So the problem could be the womb where implantation was not successful.

The procedure just requires a sample of the womb (biopsy of the endometrium) to be taken which will then be sent to the genetic lab for testing.

You will get the results back within 1 month.

There are 2 categories of women :

1) Those that have failed IVF many times even though the embryo was healthy

2) Those that have very thin womb

For some women, no matter how much hormones you give them, their womb will not become thick.

But with the ERA Test, they will be advised on when is the best time to do the embryo transfer even if they have a thin womb.

You need a healthy womb with a certain thickness to get pregnant.

When an embryologist do an embryo transfer, the ERA test would be able to let them know exactly what DAY and TIME to perform the embryo transfer.

For instance, based on the ERA test results, the window of implantation is Day 6 at 4.00pm.

If the embryologist does an embryo transplant on Day 6 at 10.00am, the woman will not get pregnant.

The ERA test has an 80% accuracy rate in determining the window of implantation in order to help couples get pregnant.

Even the best embryo will fail to implant if conditions are not right.

We want to maximise IVF success rates for couples with the best embryo transfer technology.

Call or whatsapp our fertility clinic for more information or to book an appointment with our certified fertility specialist.

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