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Fertility Nurses

January 2, 2021

Fertility Nurses play a crucial role in the care and management of patients as they work closely with Certified Fertility Specialists and Embryologists to oversee, report and adjust the necessary treatment plans for patients.

When patients begin their medication and treatment procedures, the main contact point will be these friendly, caring and experienced nurses.

Daily Tasks Of A Fertility Nurse

The daily tasks of a fertility nurse is quite diverse and busy as it involves a lot of patient interaction.

These include :

  • Patient interviews

  • Explaining the treatment options

  • Follow up on appointments

  • Answering questions

  • Providing support to both patients and clinical specialists

  • Teaching patient on medication administration and how to use ovulation kits

  • Perform ultrasound scans

  • Draw blood for blood tests

  • Assisting with procedures such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) and embryo transfer

Cycle Monitoring

Appointments begin in the morning which is usually very busy with patients coming to have their cycle monitoring completed.

Blood collections are usually done in the morning by fertility nurses as they need to be sent off to the lab for testing as patients want to move on with the rest of their day.

The blood test results will be followed up by the fertility nurse as it's a very important part of the fertility treatment cycle.

As soon as the blood test results are received, the fertility nurse will communicate with the patient's fertility specialist to update and discuss fertility treatment protocol that is required before contacting and communicating with the patient related.

Depending on where the patient is in their cycle, ultrasounds may also be performed as part of cycle monitoring which is documented as the results are reviewed with the blood test results.

Based on the results, patients can be booked for a follow up ultrasound or scheduled for oocyte (egg) pick up (OPU) at the best time for their body and treatment.

The ultrasound results are discussed with the patient and once they are ready, preparation is scheduled for OPU and also sperm collection procedure.

Patient Meetings And Education

Fertility nurses are also responsible to conduct interviews throughout the day with patients who are seeking fertility treatments.

They will :

  • Arrange and schedule appointment time to meet patients

  • Gather patient information

  • Discuss treatment plan that the fertility specialist has developed

  • Answer any question patients have

  • Outline day-by-day treatment steps for the patient

Assisted Reproductive technology (ART) Procedures

Fertility nurses will also assist with procedures such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) and fresh and frozen embryo transfer.

Their role is to help patients get ready for the procedure by outlining what to to expect and answer any questions.

They will also discuss and advise patients on what to do after the procedure along with how to take care of oneself with the correct time to test for pregnancy.

Patient Support

While the role of a fertility nurse is both exciting and challenging, it does have its huge rewards.

By the time patients seek help from a fertility centre, they are usually exhausted mentally and emotionally from trying to start a family.

These fertility nurses provide patient support by being a listening ear to them while guiding them through the fertility treatment process.

As patients would have invested a lot of time, energy, emotions and finance in getting pregnant, by being able to share the good news that a patient is pregnant is truly rewarding and fulfilling.

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