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Know Frozen Embryo Transfer or FET in IVF Treatment

January 5, 2021

• When couples go through IVF treatment, occasionally Fertility Expert will do an embryo transfer on the 3th or 5th day after the egg or OPU process (Ovum Pick-Up), where excess embryo will be frozen due to only one or two embryos are used to be moved.

• For some patients, embryo transplant is not suitable to be done after OPU, then all embryos will be frozen for future use, this type of treatment is known as 'Freeze-all cycle'.

• Frozen embryo transfer or ' Frozen Embryo Transfer ' (FET) can be done at the beginning of the next period cycle, or anytime according to the patient's will.

• During the Frozen Embryo Transfer treatment or FET procedure, the patient will go through the phase of the uterus preparation, in which the patient will be given luteum phase medication for the purpose of setting up the uterus wall for the embryo implantation process.

• When the uterus reaches proper thickness, or is willing to uncover the implantation process, embryologists will embrace frozen embryos and perform the process of frozen embryo liquidation. Embryo will then be transferred to the patient's uterus.

• Patients will be advised to do blood tests b-hCG to know the status of pregnancy 2 weeks after frozen embryo transfer process is done.

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