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Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test

February 16, 2021

The Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test is a test to find out about the DNA and the health of the sperm.

The embryologist will introduce a chemical on the sperm sample.

The chemical will stain and open up the DNA content of the sperm so that it is easier for the embryologist to analyze the sperm.

Sperm that are healthy will have a big or medium size "halo" surrounding the head of the sperm.

That means the DNA of the sperm is not fragmented and that the sperm is of good quality.

Sperm that are dark purple in color with little or no "halo" indicates that a lot of DNA fragmentation has happened.

If there is no halo at all, it means the sperm has DNA fragmentation and cannot be used to fertilize the egg as the DNA cannot come out.

Embryologists will analyze and count the sperm to get a DNA Fragmentation Index ratio (DFI).

Normal and healthy sperm will have a DFI of less than 15% while mild cases have a DFI of between 15 - 25%.

A DFI of 25% and above is considered no good.

This is where the fertility doctor will prescribe medication and supplements to increase the sperm quality.

You will also be asked to change or modify your lifestyle to become healthier :

- Cut down on alcohol consumption

- Reduce unhealthy fatty foods

- Stop smoking

- Stop going to the sauna (high heat is not good for the sperm)

- Avoid soaking in a hot bathtub (don't cook your sperm)

- Avoid putting your laptops on your lap as the radiation from the computer will affect the quality of your sperm

- If you want to go cycling, please wear proper protective cycling gear with padding

- Exercise more

- Reduce stress

- Get more quality rest if you're overworked

The fertility specialist will re-test your sperm and re-evaluate and discuss further options with you.

The Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test provides clear indication on the DNA and health of your sperm.

For more information on sperm DNA fragmentation test, please call or whatsapp our Penang IVF centre to schedule an appointment.

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