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Sperm Selection Technology

May 21, 2020

In the IVF world, it is crucial that embryologists select the best egg and the best sperm for fertilization.

By using sperm selection technology, the process of choosing the best sperm is relatively easy.

Once the sperm analysis or sperm assessment has been completed, embryologist will use sperm selection technology to choose the best sperm which will enhance the chances of pregnancy.

When it comes to sperm selection, the main aim is to select the BEST sperm for fertilization.

The sperm selection method is quite simple.

It's like an obstacle course where only the winner will be picked.

The Benefits Of Sperm Selection

There is now no need to use centrifugation for the sperm selection process.

That means your sperm does not need to go for a roller coaster ride in the lab machine.

The embryologist just needs to load the sperm into the sperm selection cartridge for the race to begin.

It is an innovative, natural, simple way for IVF clinics to isolate the healthiest, best-performing sperm for IUI and ICSI.

Using the healthiest sperm sample is critical to increasing pregnancy success.

The sperm selection technology create barrier mechanism for the separation and selection of sperm with better morphology.

In other words, it mimics the conditions of the uterine while allowing the sperm to naturally move through the obstacle course to the final destination where only the best and healthiest sperm will make it.

Since the sperm will not be processed in the centrifuge machine but allowed to naturally swim in a simulated obstacle course, there is lower DNA fragmentation.

The sperm selection device is inspired by nature and designed to deliver the healthiest, most progressively motile sperm with the lowest possible levels of DNA fragmentation

We want the sperm condition to be as natural as possible without any interference or modification done to it.

Sperm selection technology is meant to increase the success rate for in vitro fertilzation.

For more information about sperm selection technology that is used by our IVF Penang Centre, kindly call or whatsapp us.

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